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Advance Primary Care Clinic

Primary Care Doctors - Houston, Adeeba Akhtar MD in Houston  is a advance primary Care Clinic. We provide primary care to Houston Families and Geriatric care - advanced senior care to our aging senior population.

We treat them all....

Quality patient care is our mission. We welcome all patients regardless of financial or insurance status. Insured, underinsured, uninsured - we treat them all. We accept all insurance. While practices are not accepting Medicaid and Medicare because of under payment...we happily accept all Texas Medicaid plans and National Medicare Plans. 

We are on Call 24X7

We are on Call 24X7 to handle minor emergencies of our patients, refill medications, and to make appointment. Call us today. 


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Primary Care Doctors - Houston primary care physician , always available to provide care, so feel free to visit and call us. 7134682358

Houston Primary Care Doctors - Adeeba Akhtar, MD

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(713) 468-2358